Soccer in the USA

USA-team-soccer-apparelSoccer has been a long mainstream sport in America. It is probably the most popular recreational sport for both boys and soccer for girls. However, it is not so popular when it comes to being a spectator in the sport. It is not considered the “big four” in major league terms. The “big four” are American Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Ice Hockey. Soccer is probably right after that but not so much known amongst many people. It is less popular in the United States than most parts in the world. Even though there are these issues, statistics on the major league soccer website show that there have been more attendances for soccer than basketball and ice hockey. Women’s soccer has been one of the worlds best for the United States and they continue to take on teams and win most of their games.

The history of the game goes back all the way to the 19th century, but it isn’t complex like other sports in America. It is straight forward and easy to understand. For example, there weren’t many soccer clubs in the country until the first one came in Boston in 1862. After that, people started playing the sport, but mainly outside the country. In the late 20th century, soccer was played on foreign soil since there wasn’t much experience in the States. After getting a lot of Soccer tips from professionals, America decided to make a bid for the 1994 World Cup, and surprisingly it worked! During the World Cup, people in the country started to love the sport as they watched professionals from other countries play and compete in the sport. Many fans would buy their soccer accessories and bring them on in the stadium to support their favorite team.

It was very important for America to have the World Cup because many people got inspired and it has become a very recreational sport. The MLS (Major League Soccer) was created in last decade of the 20th century and it is the highest level of soccer in the country. When it was first introduced, people weren’t really interested. There were soccer tips taken from FIFA on how to improve the status of the game and the companies started to make money. The big breakthrough came when the MLS started to bring in world class players like David Beckham and Cuauhtémoc Blanco. It was announced on the MLS soccer website that these players would come in and make a big difference in the country and you know what? It made a massive change and the number of people that are interested in the sport keeps growing and growing everyday.